How Stressed Are You?

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Education at its Best

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Education concept

As the director of innovation for the Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative, Alicia wanted to provide students with an education that is directly relevant to the workforce after graduation. She worked with the superintendents from Carroll, Gallatin, Henry, Owen, and Trimble counties to establish iLEAD Academy. Read more…

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A New Type of Healthcare

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Dr. Erica Williams and Dr. Melanie Story have been colleagues for more than 10 years. Through those years, they both found it difficult to provide the type of care they felt people entrusted them to do. It took them about two years to make the decision to open a direct primary care practice. Read more…

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Hilton Head Island Retreat

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A world away from work and a hectic schedule is what vacationers are longing for as they pack their bags for a dream destination. But this attempt to escape from chaos often turns into an overloaded schedule of sightseeing and an occasional peek at e-mails. Read More…

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Get Lost in Turks and Caicos

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Wendy Tour guideJust the name Turks and Caicos brings an exotic air as it bounces off the tongue. Through Wendy Hanger’s exploration of these islands, she has discovered the allure of this not-so-typical tropical tourist destination where vacationers go to see clear waters, bask in solitude, and take home…a puppy? Read More…

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Behind the Scenes at the Kentucky Derby Festivities

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A duck, a sheep, and a rooster were in a hot air balloon…

Unfortunately, there isn’t a punchline to this true story of the first unmanned balloon flight in 1783 in France that lasted eight minutes and covered two miles before the unlikely passengers landed safely on the ground. Since this successful flight, human passengers have been enjoying the graceful glide of hot air ballooning in the colorful giants that have become a symbol of the Kentucky Derby Festival...Read More

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